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Hi, I'm Holly.

I've been called a "life-long learner" and "forever student" more times than I can count. "Free-spirited" often comes up in conversation whenever I'm asked to describe my career or life plan. I have many different passions, and have spent a great deal of time delving into my many areas of interest.

What I have found as a result of my soul-searching is that although studying each area separately sparked my interest for a while, it was really total integration of everything that made me feel complete and satisfied.

What does that mean? It means that in order to live a healthy and fulfilled life, I had to find a way to meld my mindbodysoul, and spirit.

I wholeheartedly believe that this process of integration can look different for everyone, and can happen at different stages in each person's life. For me, everything began to make sense when I started studying Chinese medicine. It is more than simply medicine; it is the most collectively wholesome and all-encompassing way of life that I have found. Chinese medicine is a practice that focuses on balance, moderation, and developing an understanding of your body and appreciation of the world around you.

I created this platform for two reasons:

1) To share easy ways to help you feel grounded and more connected to your life. Living a great life does not have to be difficult and does not have to take up hours of your time; and

2) To write. Quite simply, I love it!

And so begins our journey together. I hope you enjoy reading and will find some of my content useful. Most of all I hope to spark joy and excitement in your life.

Read on,

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