3 of My Favorite Smoothie Recipes

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Okay, so I know I advocate for eating warm and cooked foods A LOT. So right about now you might be saying, who is this person who has taken over Holly’s blog? Just slow your roll, cutie pie, and hear me out. I do 100% agree that eating warm, cooked foods is optimal. I do also 100% agree that sometimes during the warmer weather seasons, a nice little blended up smoothie with a cute little umbrella topper is just DIVINE! 

In order to give you the proper information as to the ins and outs of why uncooked foods can be damaging to your digestive system, you may want to peruse the popular post, A Healthy Spleen Can Help You Lose Weight prior to getting your blender out.

If you’re too busy with the hustle and bustle of summer to go and read another blog post, I’ll give you the short list of the key symptoms that may indicate a spleen imbalance, meaning that these smoothie recipes may not be right for you. Ready? Drumroll, please... They are: bloating, gas, fatigue, weight gain (especially in the abdomen), diarrhea, and lack of appetite. 

But if you’re feeling pretty good, you’re not experiencing those above symptoms, andddd you just need to cool down, then go ahead! Hit up your local farmer’s market, grab some fresh and organic produce and scroll on down for my GO TO summer refreshies! 

Mango-Ginger Mayhem 

This smoothie tastes like you are fresh off the boat in the tropics. I simply love it! Here’s the other reason I LOVE this particular smoothie: Notice the ginger? Yes, ginger is warming and it will help with protecting the spleen while you still enjoy a refreshing bevy. 

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1 cup mango (fresh preferably, frozen acceptable) 

1 banana 

½ cup coconut milk 

½ cup coconut water 

1 big chunk of fresh ginger 

*Add the liquids to your blender, followed by fruit. Chop up the ginger, mango, and banana into small enough pieces to blend (depending on your blender’s ability, of course). 

Keep-that-Doc-Away Green Magic 

Some people hear or see a green smoothie and they immediately shy away, but this is so unbelievably delicious, I guarantee it will change your mind about green drinks! And, in my humble opinion, none of us get enough greens so I am a huge fan of sneaking them in here and there! 

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1 apple 

1 cup berries- I like a mix, but any fresh/local will do- eat what’s in season! 

½ avocado 

1 big handful of Kale 

1 big handful of Spinach 

1 cup water or coconut water (I use both and like both)  

*Add liquid to blender, top with chopped up apple, berries, avocado- blend until smooth, add in greens, blend again until smooth, add in powders to top it all off! 

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Blueberry-Cinnamon Extravaganza 

Say what? Cinnamon and blueberries? Heck-to-the-yes! These two ingredients go together so nicely and--you guessed it--the cinnamon will also help warm the stomach, protect our spleens, and keep away those unwanted symptoms and weight gain! 

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1 ½  cups blueberries (use the little Maine ones, fresh or frozen- you won’t regret it!) 

½ cup coconut milk 

½ cup greek yogurt 

½ tsp cinnamon 

¼ tsp nutmeg 

*Sticking with tradition, add the liquid first, then the berries, followed by the powders/herbs, sip and enjoy! 

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Just a few last tips: 

-I strongly advocate for local and organic. I know, people will argue it is more expensive, but as someone who thinks of food as medicine, I would rather spend the money on organic food than pretty much anything else. In the northeast, we live in an area saturated by farms, local produce, and amazing local crops like blueberries, strawberries, and apples to name just a few… take advantage! Support local farms, eat well, be happy… Got it? Good :-) 

- No matter who you are or how healthy your spleen may be, I always, and will always suggest accompanying your cold “stuff” with a warm beverage of choice, some great options are warm lemon water or ginger tea! 

-Skip the ice! Your drink will be cold enough without piling in the ice, trust me! 

-Try to avoid eating/drinking cold foods first thing in the morning. Morning should be reserved for warm--cooked foods, and nourishing ones at that. Eating and drinking raw in the morning is a shock to the digestive system and can bother our already delicate systems more so than later in the day. If you’re looking for a great way to start your day, see this post about warm lemon water.

-Try adding a couple supplements to your smoothies. Protein powder and collagen are always a good idea, see below for my go-to brands for these. Add in based on serving size recommendations! 

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Collagen Peptides & Nuzest Protein Powder

I hope you enjoy these tasty treats as much as I do,

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