What I'm Reading Now: You are the Placebo by Dr. Joe Dispenza

Book reviews with Holly Pelletier of Holistically Inspired | You Are the Placebo by Dr. Joe Dispenza

Gut Reaction: Even the title drew me into this book! It sounds so ‘sciency,’ doesn’t it?! I love science, I love research, I love psychology, and I love neurology. The first degree I earned was in psychology, and I literally loved every minute of it. If you are anything like me, I can tell you that you will not be disappointed in the psychology/science perspective this book has to offer.

Dr. Joe Dispenza starts off by telling his very personal tale of how he began his own research into the power of the mind. His story is gripping, emotional, and a great hook for the beginning of the book. He provides endless examples of how people have healed their bodies by training their minds through meditation. For every story/piece of information he gives, he uses science to explain what happened through concrete evidence such as brain scans.

Now, I am already a person who believes in the power of the mind, but this book put me over the edge. I’ve recommended it to quite a few clients and family members already. Even if you are someone who does not at all believe in the concept of Qi or Energy (I can’t imagine you’re on my site if that’s true, but still) I honestly believe you will be able to, nonetheless, appreciate this book.  

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My Gems: The personal stories. At times this book felt a bit like I was reading a textbook for a science class back in the days when I had to take all the pre-med courses required for acupuncture school. I greatly appreciated when Dispenza incorporated people’s honest journey, and how they used meditation to heal themselves.

Who Might Like It: As mentioned, I think a wide audience could find an appreciation for this book. People who have any sort of chronic illness would greatly benefit from reading, as well as those who are interested in growth and moving along their healing path. Of course, all of the holistic health practitioners and yogis would without a doubt LOVE this text. I might also add, with a mischievous grin, that this might be great for the “non-believer” friend or family member. #nevergiveup :-)

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A few of my favorite little nuggets

“Stress if one of the biggest causes of epigenetic change, because it knocks your body out of balance. It comes in three forms: physical stress (trauma), chemical stress (toxins), and emotional stress (fear, worry, being overwhelmed, and so on). Each type can set off more than 1,400 chemical reactions and produce more than 30 hormones and neurotransmitters.” pg. 96

“Often, we accept certain cues from our environment that then prime us to accept certain beliefs, which may or may not be true. Either way, the moment we accept the belief, it has an effect not only on our performance, but also on the choices we make.” pg. 165

On meditation- “Being present gives us access to possibilities on the quantum level that we didn’t have access to before.” pg. 275